Business analytics and reporting

Comprehensive data on the current company status

Stay in touch with the developments in your company and manage accordingly. Receive automated reports in TeamWox while no working resources are spent for their preparation, and they are always relevant and up-to-date.

How do the reports look and what data do they provide?

Reports are built into almost all modules — Organizations, Tasks, E-Mail, Chat, Service Desk, Team and Accounting. Who contacts your technical support? Which of your employees tackles most frequently customers' questions via the chat? How is your customer base growing? For how long did an employee work yesterday?

The reports will provide answers for your questions. Data is visualized in the form of graphs and plots for enhanced visibility.

Financial reporting system

TeamWox is able to interact with your bank accounts and payment systems (PayPal, WebMoney, etc). The system saves all Client payments and debts. It issues invoices and registers settlements.

Automated billing and payment system

Your financial liabilities are also automated. The system makes periodic payments and maintains the appropriate database. The system can send out e-mail notices and charge commission payments to agents after each transaction. All operations are instantly reflected in reports, and thus the settlement information is always up-to-date.

Install TeamWox and gain full control over your company

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