TeamWox HR management

Personnel management and evaluating staff performance

The system stores data about each employee, including public data: messengers, phone numbers, position, department, employment date and much more. Confidential information is available only to the manager and the HR department. Such information includes addresses, phones of close relatives for emergency communication, employment contracts, scanned passports and medical records.

How does TeamWox help you to manage employees

The system also tracks the employee's performance and payroll. The CRM shows the number of requests, tasks and emails created, attended and completed by each of your team members.

You can view how many important phone calls your manager has initiated/received during the working day. The data on salaries/PAYE and taxes are at your fingertips. Even a cursory glance at this data allows you to define how your team members cope with their responsibilities and how the company is affected cost-wise. 

Performance, working time and salary

It also reflects the structure of your company allowing you to easily detect function duplication.

Install TeamWox and improve your personnel management

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