Electronic document management

Efficient workflow management without paperwork

Forget about stacks of paper, obsolete documents in different computers and excessive bureaucracy — arrange an efficient document flow.

How does document management work in TeamWox?

You are able to store contracts, scanned images, etc. in electronic form. Support for versioning and signing allows you to conduct efficient group work.

For example, an employee submits an acceptance certificate for approval. You can sign it with an electronic signature or send it back for revision. A new document version is generated automatically after each edit. This means that you can always work with the most current edition while you are able to review the edit history.

Our document flow is very much connected to the entire system. All documents from e-mail, tasks or Board messages can be copied to the repository and any agreement can be quickly sent via email or attached to a task. Documents can also be assigned to clients or contact persons.

Install TeamWox and put your documents in order

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