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Help in TeamWox allows to find the answers to all questions concerning the use of the system. Besides the description of the interface and the home page we offer you to get acquainted with each module of TeamWox. The whole help materials are written in an easy and accessible language, that won't produce any difficulties for users. In the Help we did our best to give the maximum detailed description of all situations that can arise while using TeamWox in a company.

We hope that this reference will provide you with a good service and answer all your questions.

The TeamWox system of business automation is developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. It consolidates the corporate information in a single place and allows to get a quick access to the working data from any point of the world. With the multifunctional TeamWox system the business processes become more transparent, the teamwork becomes easier, and the speed of making administrative decisions increases. All in all it leads to the growth of the effectiveness of management, the productivity and quality of labor of employees, and to the reduction in expenses.

If you haven't installed the system yet, read the "TeamWox Server Installation Guide" article and see how easy it is.

Especially for you, we have prepared the TeamWox Implementation Guide and the Brief Training Course. These materials will help you to quickly and easily organize the work in TeamWox in your company.

This user guide is also embedded right in the TeamWox groupware. Press Help in the upper right corner of any component of the program to open the corresponding help section.