TeamWox HelpSearch

Module "Search"

TeamWox help system is represented as a separate module. However, a search line is available in all modules and the search window opens inside the window of the current module where the search is performed.

Search Module

To obtain efficient and quick search results, you should phrase your request as precisely as possible and set most exact search criteria (this is very important in the system containing very much information).

In the subsequent sections, we will give a detailed description of request phrasing rules, search criteria, view of search results, as well as the reindexing (for the system administrator of TeamWox).

All content that is stored in the TeamWox groupware is included in the search indexation. In addition, contents of the following document types uploaded to the "Documents" module is included in the indexation: OpenOffice (*.ODT, *.ODS), Microsoft Office (*.doc, *.docx, *.xlsx, etc.), web pages (*.htm, *.html), and *.txt, *.xml, *.rtf documents.