TeamWox task management

Give instructions and monitor their execution

Is there an issue? Create a task, assign responsible team members and track the progress. In the task manager, you can hold various discussions, as well as publish images, audio and video files. This will help you solve issues faster and efficiently.

TeamWox task screenshots

Conventional means of communication (email, phone, Internet messengers) are not suitable for managing a company nowadays. You need special tools — TeamWox Tasks. They save every decision step and all the relevant details. Even if the task is already completed, you will be able to find it in an archive(s) and review all its specifics. If necessary, you will be able to restore the task.

Automated reporting system will help you estimate the labor productivity of your team. You will always know which of your employees has completed most of the tasks and thus making the highest contribution to your company's ongoing business.

Install TeamWox and manage tasks in a new way!

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