Conduct a dialog with your employees

The convenient TeamWox Board and chat

The social tools enable you to quickly inform your employees of important events and receive feedback.

The Board is a tool for maintaining the company internal policy

The Board is the most convenient way of delivering news and delivering the company policy to your team members. Here you can write about everything: achievements, issues and future plans. The comments allow you to quickly identify the sentiments within the team and take necessary measures.

Also, the Board is a good replacement of traditional meetings. You can create a separate section and initiate there discussions, with participants who are actually needed, in the process of problem solving, thus restricting access and promoting confidentiality. As a result, your team members are able to efficiently contribute and save time, otherwise wasted, during corporate meetings.

Convenient TeamWox chat

The built-in chat replaces external messengers and protects you from losing confidential and critical data. All messages are saved in the system. You can always review the details of a discussion afterwards.

Install TeamWox and organize the communication

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