Productive relationships with customers

Manage your sales and contacts in your TeamWox CRM

The system stores the entire history of your relationships with clients. Here you can maintain a database for all customers and suppliers, including their addresses, phones and contact persons. You can also assign documents, emails and discussions to each counterparty. The entire history of relationships will remain in your organization.

TeamWox CRM stores addresses, phone numbers and contacts of your counterparties. The history of relationships, documents, correspondence and requests are saved here as well

TeamWox has the possibility to consolidate the information about your customers in a single environment. All members of your team will work with the same client database. This creates a transparent and consistent policy.

You will have control over interaction with your customers easily. How many new customers do you have this month? Who of your managers found them? How many companies have decided to decline your company services and who is responsible for this? Data is collected automatically and reflected in the reports instantly.

Install TeamWox and establish more efficient relationships with your clients

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