Convenient and effective CRM system

Use TeamWox to manage finances, sales and team

The TeamWox enterprise management system (CRM, groupware) will help you increase Company efficiency. It will make all your business processes transparent, organize your documents and finances and coordinate the work of your team members.

Take timely managed decisions and communicate them to your staff. You do not have to be present in the office. You can manage your company from anywhere in the world.

Your team members can get rid of many routine tasks and save time for achieving strategic goals.

Set tasks and manage their implementation

Tools for arranging a group work in TeamWox

TeamWox helps to effectively solve a problem. Complete small objectives and exchange information in Tasks. Assign tasks with execution control, arrange polls and initiate collaborative work. You can also plan events with reminders.

The Service Desk allows you to set strategic goals. It regulates the execution more tightly, offering more formalized control. You can set a category and a priority to requests.

The Projects section allows you to conveniently plan related tasks step-by-step. You can specify a sequence of actions for different employees. This facilitates control of multi-stage processes.

Get rid of excessive paperwork and defeat the bureaucracy

How does document management work in TeamWox?

Arrange the electronic document management in TeamWox and get rid of excessive paperwork — store documents digitally. You can also sign contracts with a digital signature. If changes have been made to a document at one of the approval stages, they are reflected in the change history. CRM accelerates the workflow and saves time for solving strategic tasks.

Establish a single communication hub

TeamWox communication means

Establish a communication hub based on your CRM. Connect a headset and make internal calls via the IP protocol. Do you need to make calls to third parties? This is easily done by binding any VoIP telephony provider to the system.

Our email is very much connected to the entire system. The email correspondence with your clients is automatically assigned to the appropriate company profile. Have an email from a potential customer? Do not forward it to anyone. Set it as a task instead so that you can view the answers from your managers. 

Arrange the technical support of your customers

Customer support tools

Integrate Service Desk with your website. The moderators will review each request and assign it to a responsible team member. Your customers' requests will no longer go unanswered.

The system features the Online Assistant (chat) for quick problem resolution. Your employees are able to answer questions, from your website visitors, in real time. All requests and chat messages are automatically saved in client history.

Arrange a secure audio conference between your employees and your customers. You can connect any subscriber of a local and cellular communication to a conversation. TeamWox ensures the lowest phone call cost and provides secure communication.

Perform financial calculations with a single click

Management and automation of all financial flows within your company

The Accounting module keeps data for payments and customers' debts. There is also a function of automatic billing and payment registration. Reports clearly reflect the Company's financial position and performance.

The E-Bank module enables interaction with your bank accounts and electronic payment systems. The module maintains the database of financial transactions on all accounts and wallets. You can configure the routing rules for payments to counterparties and automate billing.

Build productive relationships with your customers

Relationships with customers

The database stores information about clients and suppliers. Addresses, phone numbers and contact persons are consolidated there. The database accumulates the entire history of your interaction with a counter party (documents, emails and discussions) in a single "place".

This enables you to consistently manage the entire relationship with your customers, while dismissed managers cannot lure your clients away. You can track the history of relationships in a company profile. The customer base is unified for the entire organization. 

Conduct a dialog with your employees

Internal PR and feedback

TeamWox will become a part of the corporate culture and communication. The social tools enable you to quickly inform your employees for various events. Your staff will become a solid team!

TeamWox enterprise management system

You do not need to use solutions from different developers to solve all your tasks. Everything you need is already here!

Install TeamWox and manage your company more efficiently

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