Task Manager (Tasks) in TeamWox Collaboration System

TeamWox Groupware's Task Manager is a tool, which allow its users to distribute assignments to the employees and control their implementations. It allow to plan the short and long-term assignments, as well as provide quick and easy exchange of information. Precisely due to this module, the company's employees are able to more effectively fulfill their assignments by distributing different tasks to one another, as well checking and controlling their status in to do list organizer.

Task Manager (Tasks) in TeamWox collaboration system

Task Management Tool is the keystone of the groupware and team work system. The largest amount of work in an automatized company is completed using it. The ability to attach various files to the assignments, such as multimedia (video, audio, graphic), and others (text, e-tables, mind maps and etc) is very convenient for the user. It maximizes the level of task clarification without omitting any important details, and limits the risk of losing any information during transmission. The end result is that any work issue that arises is solved much more quickly and efficiently.

In a non-automatized company, however, solving a single issue results in numerous phone calls, emails, and chat messages. Obviously, a part of this information is simply lost in the process, while other parts remain behind in some computer programs. In cases it is needed, it will be quiet difficult to collect this fractured information, and even if this is accomplished, the information is bound to be incomplete. Task Management System (to do list software) successfully eliminates all of these problems, and serves as a great tool for solving everyday work tasks. It is even easy to find a closed assignment in its archives and look up the assignment’s details, such as who took part in discussions, how it proceeded, and what decisions were finally reached. If any questions arise again on past matters, they can be easily raised up from the archives.

The type of Tasks in TeamWox Groupware

The types of tasks received by the employees can be very different and depend on the urgency of the matter, the number of people involved in it, level of its control, and other factors. TeamWox Task Manager has a way of classifying tasks.

Type of Tasks in TeamWox Task Manager

Controlled Tasks

Each new task is automatically classified as a Controlled Task by the ToDo List Software. Its main feature is the ability to control the assigned task. The users who are assigned a task with a Controlled classification do not have the ability to close it. The most they can do is mark it as “completed”, after which the author of the assignment will see it in the “completed” folder and evaluate the quality of the work. If the author finds the quality of the assignment satisfactory, he closes it, and if not, he returns it to the employee with the appropriate comments.

These types of tasks are usually used when it is necessary to solve a significant issue that demands a big team work, considering that such tasks require a maximum amount of control.

Controlled Task


A Notified Task is almost the same as a controlled task, except it has an additional feature. It notes the time at which the assigned worker received his task, which is quiet helpful in certain cases. Once the assignment is viewed for the first time, the system creates a notification like the one seen below:

Notified Task

Simple Tasks

This type of tasks is used when the assigned task is a simple one, and does not require a specific type of control. Once the worker completes the assignment, he is able to close it himself. The work field in which these types of tasks are used is not very large, however such assignments arise quiet frequently on the team work, and thus they must be given attention.

Team Work Tasks

This type of task allows all of the workers assigned to it to edit the text of the assignment when viewing it. Another feature of this type of task is the control over the non-assigned employees. The Team Work tasks are convenient to use when a team of workers are working on a single file and their actions need to have a maximum level of coordination.

Events and Reminders

This type of tasks serves as reminders of important upcoming events, meetings, and conferences. Therefore the Event is convenient for planning your own schedule via TeamWox Task Scheduler, as well as the schedules of the company’s employees. When the date of the assigned even is neared, the Event is moved to the Opened Tasks folder. This means that work on this assignment has begun, and it is removed from the Events folder.

TeamWox Event Management and Reminders in the Task Manager

There are also reoccurring events, which take place more then once with steady time intervals in-between, such as weekly updates, employees’ birthdays, and auctioneer meetings. Task Manager uses a specific type of task for such events – Periodical Events. Once the date of the Event is reached, it is automatically moved to the Opened folder and is further worked with there. When the event reocurrs, it is handles by the collaboration system in the same menner.


Notes are used for the storage of certain important information. This differs from a Task because a Note is merely an informatory tool. Notes may include such documentation as instructions or any type of documents which are referred to often.

By using and combining TeamWox Tasks, you gain the ability to quickly notify your employees about a new issue and control the work process that it undergoes. In addition, all tasks remain saved in the archives and can be easily reached if they are needed. TeamWox Task Manager is a new, more efficient, effective, and functional way of organizing various processes in team work!

Install TeamWox and manage tasks in a new way!

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