TeamWox as an Enterprise Portal for One Stop Business Information Storage and Secure File Sharing

A typical weekday at a typical company. Work is in full swing. Employees carry out various tasks and solve important problems using telecommunication, email, internet-messengers and other communication media. In most cases, received information is not systematized in any way and practically is not recorded anywhere. We will not seriously consider sticky notes on a monitor or in a notebook as an effective means to put things in order and keep the necessary data. Such information cannot easily be found in the future, resulting in employees spending time searching for a necessary phone number or the details of the last assignment from the boss.

There is also another, no less important problem. Because of the inefficiency of communication between employees in the company the bureaucracy accrues, labor productivity decreases, and non-productive expenses grow. The company becomes less effective, employees spend more and more time on routine and bureaucracy, and clients start costing much more to the company.

Can the stated problems be solved? They can be. It is necessary to create a single information field (Enterprise Portal) in which there will be an information interchange between employees. It will allow recording all conversations and correspondence, thus having access to them at any time. TeamWox collaboration software as a business management system provides such an enterprise portal. Now all information that circulates in the company such as documents, files, emails, payments, clients and contacts database, tasks and history of messages is stored in one secure workspace.

So a single information storage completely solves a problem of safety of the data, secure file sharing and provides convenient team work with it. All employees work through the enterprise portal and communicate by means of it. All documents (data and files) are stored in one place. Safety is also important - information does not travel outside the company.

Teamwox Single Information Field

As a result of the creation of a single information storage in the company, it becomes much easier to instruct and supervise the employees’ performance which leads to the increase in the speed and efficiency of business processes. Various departments and divisions function in a single working rhythm, without being slowed down because of bureaucracy and the search of the necessary information.

With a single information storage, TeamWox collaboration software does not simply accelerate team work - it makes it more effective!

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