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Task Types

Different types of tasks can be created in TeamWox:

Controlled Task Controlled task

Assigning controlled tasks is of great importance in the organization of the staff activities. In this case, it is not only task assigning, but also their execution control. Tasks of this type cannot be closed by the user whom it was assigned to. The assignee can only mark it as completed. Such a task is displayed as stroke out. After examining, the author can return the task back to Open with an appropriate comment. If the work on the task is finished, it is marked as Closed.

Simple Task Simple task

Unlike the above, tasks of this type can be closed by the performer of the task. Tasks of this type are assigned, if there is no need to control their execution.

Task with Notification Task with notification

A task with notification allows you to control the time of reading the task by the assigned employees. When an employee views the task for the first time, a special comment is automatically generated in the task:


A task with notification cannot be closed by assigned employees, as well as controlled tasks. Task performers can only "Complete" it, whereupon it will move to the corresponding section.

Collaboration Task Collaboration task

This type of tasks allows all assigned employees to edit the main text of the task while viewing it. The control of changing the content is performed when working with collaboration tasks. If another user makes changes to the task while you are editing it, the corresponding message will be displayed as soon as you try to save it. When updating the task, the changes made to it will be overwritten with yours.

Poll Poll

Using this type of tasks you can carry out a survey among your colleagues and see what they think. Set a subject and several variants of answers for assigned users. The polls are anonymous. At will of the organizer of a poll, the voting process can be set to be not recorded in the TeamWox system journal. It increases the anonymity degree to 100%. Detailed instructions on how to use polls are given in a separate section.

Occurring Once Event Occuring once event

Tasks of this type are intended for scheduling the important events, meetings, conferences, etc. The event is moved on the "Opened" filter when the specified event really occurs. At the same time, it will be removed from the "Events" filter. As soon as the event becomes irrelevant, you can close it.

Periodical Event Periodical event

Tasks of this type are intended for scheduling events that repeat periodically (for example, birthdays of your colleagues or weekly meetings). The event will be copied to the "Opened" filter every time it occurs. It won't be deleted from the "Events" filter until you do it manually.

Documented Note Note

Tasks of this type are intended for storing of important information. Its name is self-explanatory. These tasks are shown in the "Notes" filter.

Favorite Task Favorite task

Any task can be added to favorites. Further, such tasks can be easily monitored using the "Favorites" tab or the corresponding widget.