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Task Statuses

TeamWox provides you with convenient navigation through tasks by filtering them by statuses. Tasks can be filtered by both their completion and by their types.


This filter contains all actual tasks, events, notes, and notices. Only in the "Open" filter, task sorting depends on the priority. The sorting in the other filters results from the date the task was changed.


Completed tasks are displayed in the Open filter, but their names are displayed as stroke out. It allows the authors of controlled tasks respond to completion of tasks promptly.


This filter contains all closed tasks; this is so-called database of performed tasks. The task is moved to this filter, as soon as the "Close" button is pressed on it. Each user can see the list of tasks assigned to and by him/her.


This filter shows the tasks of the "Event" type. Periodic events and those not yet happened are shown here.


This filter shows the tasks of the "Note" type.


The filter that contains tasks added to favorites. Favorite tasks are marked with Favorite on their icons.


This tab is displayed only for users who have special permissions:

  • If a user has the "View tasks of subordinate departments" permission, then the tasks that are assigned to groups that are lower in hierarchy than the group the user is in, will be displayed in this tab. Tasks assigned to groups/departments, into which the user is included, will not be displayed.
  • If a user has the "View tasks of employees of subordinate departments" permission, then the non-private tasks of the members of user's department or subordinate departments will be additionally displayed here.

Users' private tasks are not displayed in this tab.


The filters are not applied here. All the types and statuses of tasks are shown here. The subjects of the closed tasks are shown as crossed for your convenience.

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