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Using this type of tasks you can carry out a survey among your colleagues and see what they think. Set a subject and several variants of answers for assigned users. The polls are anonymous. At will of the organizer of a poll, the voting process can be set to be not recorded in the TeamWox system journal, what increases the anonymity degree to 100%.

Creating a Poll

To carry out a poll, create a new task and select the "Poll" type for it.

Creating a poll

A poll can be set up:

  • Results — in this field you can choose when to display the poll results:
  • Always show — the current result of voting will be always shown to all assigned users;
  • Only show to someone who has voted — the current result of voting will be shown to all users who has voted;
  • Show after the poll has expired — the poll results will be shown after the task is closed.
  • Allow multiple answers — enable/disable the possibility to select several items when voting.
  • Anonymous poll — if this option is enabled, then the information about answers selected by users during voting will not be recorded in the journal of the TeamWox system. It increases the anonymity degree to 100%.

Answer options are specified in the task body. To add a new line, click with the mouse on any free area. To delete a variant click Delete against it.


To vote, choose one or several (if allowed) answers and click "Vote".

Viewing poll

Then you will see the message "Your vote has been accepted".

Poll result

The number users voted (percentage of all users assigned to the task) is displayed via system comments:

System comments

Once all the assigned users have voted the corresponding comment is added - "All users voted".