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"Documents" Module

The "Documents" module is not only a place for storing documents of a company. It is the possibility of easy document exchange among colleagues, it is the control over the work flow, it is the possibility to control whether one or several colleagues have viewed your documents or not, and also the possibility to sign documents.

The document storage structure has a general appearance: folder/subfolder/subfolder, etc. The system of filters is provided here, too. It works with any folder or subfolder you're currently in. In other words, if you select the /Work/Managers/ folder in the "All" filter and then go to the "In hand" filter, you will see only the "in hand" documents that the "Managers" folder contains. Like any other modules, the "Documents" is divided into a number of working areas, as shown below:

Documents Module

Each working area has the description in the separate section:

If you press the "My Documents" button, you will be transferred to your personal folder. The personal folders are automatically created for each user created in the system.