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Attachments Copying

The "Documents" module provides the feature of copying attached files from other modules to its repository. Those can be the comments on the Board, in the history of the Organization and Contacts, the e-mails, etc.

In order to copy a file to the "Documents" module, you should press the Copy attachment button that appears to the right of the attached file's name when you put the cursor of your mouse over it:

Attached file

The window where you should specify the folder to save the file at will appear as soon as you press it:

Folder to copy to

If you press the Create folder button located in the upper part of the window, a new folder will be created in the currently selected folder. If you press the My documents button, your private folder created for each user at first appearance in TeamWox will be automatically selected in the window.

The system also provides a possibility to edit the file name during copying it to the "Documents" module. To do it, you should press the Edit button that appears to the right of the file name if you put the cursor of your mouse over the area where the file is specified. Once you have pressed it, the file name field will become editable:

Editing file name

To complete editing of the file name, you should press with the left button of your mouse in any area except for the editing field.

Once you have specified the folder, press the "Copy" button. If you press the "Cancel" button, you will be passed back to the previous window and the file will not be saved.