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User Details

You can enter your profile from each tab of TeamWox to view or edit your personal details. To enter your profile, you should press the button where your current login is indicated. This button is located in the upper-right corner of TeamWox window: user_profile. User's profile will be opened as soon as you press it. The information in the profile is divided into several tabs:

  • Personal detailsthis tab is opened on default. It contains the main information about a user.
  • Contacts details — you can view and modify contact details in this tab.
  • Additional detailsadditional information about a user, such as driving license number, health insurance, etc.
  • My groups — the list of groups, the selected user is in, and their description.
  • Tabs order — in this tab each user can set up the order of displaying tabs of TeamWox modules.
  • Sounds — setup of sound notifications of system events.
  • Securitythis tab is intended for managing your password, as well as for getting the user's certificate.
  • Payments — information about payments for the employee's labor is represented here.
  • Working time — here you can view information about the employee's the employees attendance time in the TeamWox system.
  • Activity — this tab displays statistics on the activity of working of a user in the TeamWox groupware.
  • Calls — in this section a user can view the history of calls made from TeamWox Communicator.

Brief Information

You can view a brief information about a user, if you hold (for 1-2 seconds) the cursor of your mouse on the user name specified in various places of TeamWox, such as the author of a comment in a task or in a topic on the Board, etc. A window containing the picture of the user, his/her occupation and the information about his/her presence in the system should appear:

Information about user

Presence in the System

If the employee is in the system at the moment, the following icon indicates it: Working, the last fixed time of presence in the system is displayed after it. If the user is absent at the moment, the following icon should appear: Absent. The fact of presence of an employee at his/her workplace is fixed in the system, as well. The following icons are implemented for this:At workplace and Not at work place. This situation is determined by the user's IP address. The range of the working IP addresses can be defined in the "Team" module.

You can track the presence of users in the system using the special application — TeamWox Communicator.


Current status of the user is shown in the upper part of the window. For example, "Working".


If the employee's office phone number is specified in a certain manner while providing the contact details, the "Call" button appears as active, so you can call the employee right from this information window. A phone number indicated in the "Softphone (SIP)" field is used on default for calling employees. If it is not specified, then the work phone number will be used. You can go to creating a task for this employee in the corresponding module using the "Task" button. At the same time, this employee is automatically selected in the "Assigned" field. You can start an internal dialog with the employee through the "Chat" module by pressing the "Chat" button.

If any of the buttons mentioned above are unavailable, it means that you do not have appropriate access rights to the modules.

If you click on the picture of a user you will go to the viewing of his/her profile in the "Team" module.

Using the button Copy one can copy the user details to the clipboard.