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Notification System

The system of notifications about changes in tasks, new incoming messages, disruption of connection with the server and available updates is implemented in TeamWox. Corresponding icons appear to the left of the indication of your system login or instead of the user icon in case of the two latter ones:


  • The Task icon means the assigning of new task or modifications in the existing one. If you press on it, you will be passed to the viewing of task.
  • The Mail icon means that a new message has been received. If you press on it, you will be passed to the viewing of mail.
  • The Request icon means the assigning of new request or modification in the existing one. If you press on it, you will be passed to the viewing of request.
  • The Document icon informs about changes in the information about a document which is assigned to the user for reading or signing. This notification also appears when a document is read or signed by one of the assigned users and when a comment is added to the history of a document.
  • The Calendar Event icon informs that a user has been invited to a new event event in the calendar, or that a comment has been added to one of existing events. Author of an event also receives notifications if an invited user has agreed or refused from joining the event.
  • The Board notifications icon notifies about new topics and comments on the board.
  • The New comment in the history of organization icon notifies about new comments in the history of organizations. Such notifications are sent to the managers of organizations and to the users assigned to them.

Notifications about different events in the system can also be received using TeamWox Communicator.

Connection Lost

The Connection lost icon means that the connection with the TeamWox server has been lost for some reason. For example, this can be caused by the restarting of server or a failure in network operation. At the same time the additional notification is shown near the icon:

Connection lost

If this message appears, it is strongly recommended not to reload the browser page if you have any unsaved data (unsaved comment, task, etc.). Otherwise all the information will be lost. You should wait till this message disappears and then continue working.

Server Updated

The Server updated icon means that the TeamWox system has been updated. In order to make this update take effect you should reload the browser page. Before you do that you should save all the unsaved information and only after that should you reload the page. The informational window appears near the icon:

Server updated

Also a special sound is played if a task has been changed or an e-mail has been received. You can disable this sound by pressing on the Sound enabled icon. After that, the icon will appear as following: Sound disabled. This means that the sound is disabled. You can turn on the sound by a repeated pressing on the icon.

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