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TeamWox Interface

TeamWox interface consists of a set of tabs that separate functional modules.

The tab is intended for monitoring the actual information and adjusting its navigation specially for you.

It is a tool for planning current, on-line and long-term tasks for the system users; it is also intended for fast information exchange, arrangement and controlling of tasks.

The main functions of this module are: storing the company's documents, providing simple workflow among employees, controlling the workflow, providing control of individual document viewing, as well as providing the possibility to sign documents.

Along with the functions of a mailing, the "E-Mail" module provides you with the possibility of assigning an e-mail to a certain colleague (for example, in case of his/her better expertise in the given matter, or in urgent situations), and further controlling of the correspondence.

Service Desk
The Service Desk module is designed for setting, planning and controlling tasks, assigning responsible users and service groups, as well as setting service categories. The module provides wide control options. A special component of the module allows working with clients' tickets and requests sent from external websites.

The Chat module is designed for instant messaging. It can be used inside a company, or be integrated into a web site to process clients.

It is a module intended for maintenance of organization databases that allows you to store their contact details (registered, postal, electronic addresses, etc.), herein, not only the company organizations, but also certain departments and contact persons of the organizations. This module is intended for organization of customer relationships, dividing organizations into categories (actual, potential, etc.), planning time of contacting them, and many other features.

The "Contacts" module is closely related to the "Organizations" module. In distinct from the latter noted, it contains information about individual contact persons of the organizations attached to the company, specifying their departments and positions. This module provides you with the comfortable working with contacts by creating custom filters.

This module provides you with the possibility of group discussion of matters important for the company. Every employee can take part in the discussion. This is of great importance for making right decisions.

This module is intended for accessing to the public information about the company's employees (department, position, contact details), and also for managing the company's structure and keeping records of working time and payments.

The Products module provides features for keeping records of all the products and services produced and consumed by the company.

The Accounting module is designed for working with the company's financial information.

This module provides communication between TeamWox and client-bank systems. It allows registering a large number of bank accounts and keep a database of financial operations.

The "Calendar" module is designed for scheduling personal time and planning general corporate events.

Module "Telephony" allows you to use the TeamWox groupware system as a telephone exchange. It allows you to set up efficient telephone communication both for both internal and external calls.

This module is meant only for TeamWox administrator. All the system settings are collected here, from common ones (that determine the interface language) to the security settings and assigning access rights to certain functions of the system.

The "Projects" module is a single clearly structured database for managing company's projects. It provides project staging, calendar planning, fulfillment control and a single information environment.

The modules described above are the standard set of TeamWox. New modules developed specially for your company can be added in future. The number of modules available to an individual user may vary according to the system settings. If you do not see some of the modules described above, it means that your TeamWox administrator has not provided you with the sufficient permissions yet.

If all the available tabs do not fit the current window of the browser the More button appears. The list of tabs that are off the screen will be opened as soon as you press this button:

List of modules

You can pass to the necessary tab by pressing with the left button of your mouse on its name in the list.