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My Groups

This tab displays the list of all groups the user is the member of:

My groups

The groups that are the company departments have the Company department icon. Ordinary groups have the Group icon.

The iconManager, of a group means that the user can change the list of users included into the group. This permission can be given by the system administrator. To edit a list of members of the group, click on its name.

Editing the group members

As mentioned above, to edit group members you should click on the name of the group.

Editing the group members

The edit page contains the list of users in the group. Members marked with iconManagerin the "Manager" column have the right to modify the list of group members.

To remove a user from the group, click Delete, which appears when you hover the mouse over the user row.

To add a user to a group, clickAdd user to group Add user to group. This will open a list of users for selection.

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