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On this tab, a user can view the information about payments for their labor.

The information on this page is not available for editing. The information is filled out by a responsible employee of the HR department using the Team module.


The information is represented in the form of a table by monthly information:




Accrued sum (Debit) by salary, bonuses, vacation pay and loans


Sum of real payments (Credit) by salary, bonuses, vacation pay and loans.

Company Taxes

Sum of accrued charges of company taxes (Debit). Only taxes related to the company payments connected with accruals to employees are taken into account here.


The total exponent of company's expenses connected with the remuneration of labor of an employee. The sum of "Accrued" and "Company Taxes" factor minus the accrued fines and deductions (Debit).

To switch to viewing information by other years, use the arrows located near the current year. To view detailed information by a month, click on its row with the left mouse button.

View Payments

All the existing payments are represented in the form of a table that contains the following fields:

  • Date — the date of payment or accrual.
  • Type — the type of payment or accrual.
  • Debit — the accrued amount of money.
  • Credit — the paid amount of money.
  • Comment — the text comment to the payment or accrual.

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