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This tab is intended for keeping records of remunerations to the employees of your company. There are two types of representation of the information and working with it: general for all employees and individual.

The information is represented in the form of a table by monthly expenses (Total) connected with the remuneration of labor of employees.


The employees are grouped by departments. The "Total" column represents the total amount of employees' expenses for the year. The sum of all expenses differentiated by currencies is displayed under the list of employees.

If you click with the left button of your mouse at any cell of payments, you will go the mode of editing the information about payments to a certain employee.

The "Start Month" button is intended for copying the payments information from one month to another. The window where you can choose months will appear as soon as you press it:

Start month

The information from month specified on the left side will be copied to the month specified on the right. To specify the necessary months you should use the arrows or click with the mouse at the month. The list will be opened as soon as you do it, there you can specify a year as well:

Choosing month

The total sum of payments for the month is displayed under it. Once you press the "OK" button the information by payments of all employees, including the comments, will be copied to the chosen month, and the dates of payments and accruals will be changed correspondingly. There is also a possibility of copying the information separately by employees.

For more detailed displaying of expenses of the labor payments fired employees are also shown in the general list. Their names are written with red color. The fired employees are only shown if you choose a period when they were working.

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