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Two widgets are available in the "Team" module:

  • Phone Book — allows calling your colleagues;
  • Nearest birthdays — displays the list of nearest birthday of your colleagues.

Phone Book

This widget is a part of the "Team" module. It is intended for making calls right from the TeamWox system.

"Phone Book" widget

A list of employees that can be called with a single mouse-click on a name becomes available if this widget is installed in the "Home" tab.

This function is available only if a softphone is used in your company and telephone numbers are specified in a certain format.

The widget is displayed in the form of a telephone book:

Last calls

All employees are listed in the widget window before you make or receive a call. After that the list contains up to 10 last calls you made or received.

The user will be called using the installed softphone as soon as you press on his/her name with the left button of your mouse. If the name of the employee is typed in gray in the list, it means that his/her telephone number is not properly specified to call using TeamWox or not specified at all. The detailed instructions on how to set up the telephone number are given in the "Softphone Settings" section.

If you put the mouse cursor over one of employees, a pop-up window containing the information about his/her occupation and presence in the system should appear:

Information about user

Presence in the System

If the employee is in the system at the moment, the following icon indicates it: Working, the last fixed time of presence in the system is displayed after it. If the user is absent at the moment, the following icon should appear: Absent. The fact of presence of an employee at his/her workplace is fixed in the system, as well. The following icons are implemented for this:At workplace and Not at workplace. This situation is determined by the user's IP address. The range of the working IP addresses can be defined in the window of worktime settings.


Current status of the user is shown in the upper part of the window. For example, "Working".


You can also call the employee using the "Call" button. You can go to creating a task for this employee in the corresponding module using the "Task" button. At the same time, this employee is automatically selected in the "Assigned" field. You can start an internal dialog with the employee through the "Chat" module by pressing the "Chat" button.

If any of the buttons mentioned above are unavailable, it means that you do not have appropriate access rights to the modules.

If you click on the picture of a user you will go to the viewing of his/her profile in the "Team" module.

Nearest Birthdays

Once you install this widget you'll always be aware of upcoming birthdays of your colleagues and you'll never forget to send them happy birthday greetings.

"Nearest birthdays" widget

Being installed on the "Home" page, the widget displays the list of nearest birthdays of your colleagues.

Nearest birthdays

If you click on a colleague's name, you'll go to viewing their profile in the "Team" module.