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Worktime Settings

The window of worktime settings can be opened by pressing the "Settings" button located in the upper part of the "Working time" tab.

Setting up working time

Here you can specify the ranges of IP addresses to be considered as working ones. So all users that enter the system from those addresses are considered as present at their workplaces. This information should be used in accounting the employees' working time. If a user logs in the system from an IP-address that is not within one of the specified ranges, he/she is displayed as present in the system, but the time considered won't be accounted as working time.

The range of working IP addresses is represented as a table containing the following fields:

  • From — the beginning of the range of IP addresses. Starting from this one, the IP addresses are considered to be working ones.
  • To — the end of the range of IP addresses. The IP addresses before this one are considered as working ones.
  • Comment — a text comment on the IP addresses range.

Initially, there are several ranges specified in the table. In order to delete one, you should press the Delete button that appears if you put the mouse cursor over the entry. To add a new range, you should press the Add Add button. In empty fields that appear, you should specify a new range and press the "Update" button.

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