TeamWox Improves Working Efficiency - Your Competitors Can Confirm That

Managing a big company is a real challenge nowadays. You have to deal with a vast bulk of various data stored in different places. You also need to do your best to keep the critical data at hand to solve business issues. TeamWox can greatly simplify your everyday tasks providing a common information area! All company employees share one database. Therefore, any required document can be found in a few clicks.

When all files, documents, correspondence and payment receipts are assigned to particular customers, you have only to find a respective company to receive all the necessary data. Now managers can have all the relevant information in no time to solve the customers' issues efficiently.

All documents stored in TeamWox are available at any time. They can include text files, payment receipts, contracts, scanned images. Everything is stored in one place. The documents are examined and approved much faster in the system. There is no need to visit various company departments and offices to sign a document. Just create a task in the system and assign all necessary employees to it. All corrections are made cooperatively and the improved document is finally sent to an appropriate recipient. All is done smoothly and efficiently!

Easy document management with TeamWox

All company departments are located in one network providing fast interaction – that is the essence of TeamWox. Thus, it becomes easier to manage a company, as employees from different departments possess all the necessary data on the issues which they solve together. Do you need to add other company members to work on the task? One click and they are assigned already! At the same time, the top management is always kept informed.

You can communicate with your colleagues in various ways – tasks, Service Desk requests, internal chat discussions or phone calls via corporate IP telephony. It is not only fast but also secure, as all the data stays within the company and is heavily encrypted!

Service Desk included in TeamWox can considerably simplify the work of your technical support team. Your customers will leave their requests on the website. Requests are immediately transferred to the system and logged. The rest is done by your company employee who can deal with this kind of requests. At the same time, customers are able to track their requests online.

Service Desk is extremely useful for the technical support team, as well as for supervising its work. It is impossible to ignore a request or put it on somebody else's shoulders – TeamWox tracks everything!

Implemented online assistant makes it easier to communicate with the technical support team. Customers can enter the chat in a company's website and directly communicate with an appropriate employee. Thus, the distance between customers and support team members is greatly reduced. Most importantly, you do not have to pay a widely used subscription fee for a separate online chat module. It is a basic feature in TeamWox!

Perfect customer support with Service Desk!

You can try all mentioned features right now. Try TeamWox system and see what changes will occur in the company.

Install TeamWox now!

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