Client Support in TeamWox - for a Satisfied Customer!

Technical customer service is the most important job for any company. We believe it's true when they say that a satisfied customer is the foundation of any successful business. Clients do not like the service? It takes too long to resolve an issue? The problem is resolved, but a bad feeling is left? All these reasons may cause customers to switch to a competitor.

The more clients the company has, the more resources it spends on high-quality and efficient service. It may appear that by recruiting qualified personnel it will be possible to put an end to this issue. However, the work of competent personnel needs to be organized in such a way that the Technical Support team members are able to perform their functions quickly and efficiently. This is easily accomplished with the help of TeamWox.

Fast, Hight-Quality Technical Support with TeamWox

TeamWox contains a Service Desk (or Helpdesk) module, which will raise the quality of your Technical Support to a whole new level. This automated service will ensure efficient workflow and provide full control of finding the solution to each customers' issue.

The process Service Desk uses is quite simple: a client makes a request, it is recorded in the system and goes to the employee who will solve the problem. If necessary, this task can be delegated to other employees whose assistance may be deemed necessary.

Customers have a simple way to get through to Technical Support. Service Desk will certainly become one of the most popular tools for communication with the company due to its obvious advantages. You can ask a question, point out a mistake or make a complaint - getting results is practically instantaneous.

Customers are able to track the response to their issues in real time - who accepted it, the reply, and how the issue will be resolved. Rapid, simple and effective - that is what Service Desk achieves in TeamWox.

Another important advantage of Service Desk is the coordination of the work of all departments within the company. The module acts as a dispatch service, which distributes requests from users to various service groups. Financial matters will go immediately to the Accounting Department, technical support requests go straight to the Support Department and everything relating to the supply of products or services goes to the Sales Department.

TeamWox Service Desk: For 5 Star Customer Support

Online communication is available via the built-in Chat module, which is also an important tool for Technical Support along with the Service Desk module. Chat in TeamWox acts as an Online Assistant.

The Customer clicks on a hyper-link for the Online Assistant, enters his details, then the chat session is launched. This connects the client directly with a competent Support Technician - the problem can then be solved on the spot. The customer gets an immediate response to their issue!

As with the Service Desk module, all messages are logged and encrypted, making them totally secure and confidential. The Online Assistant module is already included as part of TeamWox and does not require a separate fee. Similar chat based programs are already available on the market, though their additional cost via a monthly subscription certainly makes TeamWox a very attractive proposition.

Using the collaborative Support System in TeamWox creates a direct dialogue between the customer and the Support Team, an indispensable communication tool for any business today. In addition it gives managers much needed control over Helpdesk employees!

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