Efficiently Manage a Multinational Company with TeamWox

Managing a company with multiple offices all around the world is quite a challenging task, however, there is a solution - TeamWox Enterprise Management System!

Encompassing transparent Financial Statements for each regional office, smooth interaction between employees from different departments, document collaboration, a unified client base and secure IP telephony - TeamWox allows you to quickly manage the workflow of any number of employees in order to solve complex tasks.

Geographical Location is no longer an issue

Having a complete list of employees with their job descriptions allows you to quickly select the right person you need to solve a specific task.

You are always aware of exactly who is at work at any point in time, who is currently available, who will come in later and who is on leave. Even if you communicate with an employee for the first time since he or she works at the other end of the world, you will still be able to find the right person to help you with your task.

A task can be set for a number of employees based in different offices and they will receive it immediately. From that moment on, the selected employees can start working on the task, allowing you to delegate another task to a different group of employees concurrently. Even if a task requires input from employees located in  multiple different offices, it's immaterial - the most efficient collaboration happens when you use TeamWox.

TeamWox - the possibilities are limitless

After distributing all the tasks between your team members, you can track the progress and if necessary, take any corrective action. You can easily examine the tasks you have set and analyze the intermediate results. Any corrective measures can be made if needed, then you can switch to another group or set new tasks.

Thus, you can efficiently distribute tasks and manage all the activity of your team members wherever they are located. You are always aware of what your employees are doing at any point in time. Geographical location of your team members does not matter at all with TeamWox.

TeamWox is an excellent tool to control delegation. Any problem in executing the task? Is one of your teams falling behind schedule? These are no longer an issue, you can quickly step in and make any necessary adjustments.

Telephone Is a Great Invention... of the 19th Century

In addition to the Task system, TeamWox has its own built in IP telephony module. You can set tasks and give instructions to your team members not only in written form but also verbally. All office and mobile phone numbers of your team members are stored within TeamWox. Just select the required employee from the list in TeamWox Communicator - et voilà – the call is initiated.

TeamWox IP Telephony

In addition to internal calls, TeamWox can be connected to IP telephony providers who can provide an external number for communicating with the rest of the world. You can contact your suppliers, contractors and customers right from within the business management system.

You can connect using your own telephony provider or select one of the IP telephony provider from the impressive list provided in TeamWox. Almost any VoIP service provider can be connected to TeamWox IP telephony module. You can even work with more than one telephony provider.

You do not need your conventional phone system anymore. It was invented more than a century ago. Now is time to use the epitome in communications technology. TeamWox IP telephony is all you really need!

Just imagine having a powerful telephony system that allows you to instantly connect to all your team members. The same system also allows you to talk to the rest of the world. It's already included in TeamWox and the system works from any PC. That is how we communicate in the 21st century.

Bringing your most distant Customers even closer

TeamWox stores the data on all your customers in a single place. Do you have 5 000 clients in Paris and 6 000 more in London? TeamWox puts all the data together so that you can see it, even if you are in Berlin. You can see the same information about your customers as all your managers can.

With a unified client and contact database, you can easily see all the customers assigned to each department in your company.

When did you first start working with the customer?
Which manager found that customer?
Who worked with the customer once the agreement was signed?
How is technical support delivered?
What payments has the customer made?

All this information can be conveniently viewed in TeamWox.

Once a customer appears in your corporate database, the volume of data associated with him gradually increases. Initially, he is only a potential customer but correspondence related to him already exists. Once he becomes an actual customer there will be a lot of related documents, an assigned manager, as well as invoicing and payments - all this information is readily available within TeamWox.

Search for your client - for example, by name -  you can find out how important he is for your company and how his requests are being handled. One of your Managers, John has found a new VIP client. It took too long for technical support team member Martin to answer a customer's questions. Appropriate measures need to be taken. All this can be taken care of in a minute whilst at the same time you are examining the data on one of your customers from Madrid.

System wide reports clearly show the current situation in your company allowing you to analyze all possible data. How much profit has been made during the past month? Which department was the best at finding new clients? Which department was responsible for losing clients and requires your attention? You can find all this out in no time at all.

Transparent Payments

Speaking of profit and payments ...with the Banking module, TeamWox can automatically receive and sort incoming payments from your company's account system. This facilitates the work of your accounting department and provides you with clear and up-to-date financial data. This feature is indispensable if you run a multinational corporation.

Imagine being able to see all the latest financial statements for all of your departments whilst sitting at your head office in Sydney ...or even at home. Just a few mouse clicks in TeamWox and you have an up to the minute snapshot without the need to get your financial analysts to generate quickly aging reports.

TeamWox updates the financial data from the company's accounts system on an hourly basis, so the reports are always up-to-date, as the most recent data is always used.

Total Financial Transparency

Another important feature of TeamWox is the built in support for electronic payment systems in addition to bank accounts. By integrating these features into your system, you will be able to receive complete and comprehensive reports on the state of your company's finances. Not a single cent will be missed.

Efficient delivery of financial information is equally important for your managers. A client paid an hour ago, while another one has delayed his payment for the second day already? Appropriate measures need to be taken - and without needing to disturb your accounting staff to enquire about the latest payments. One click and it's  all done.

The Well-Informed Company

Communication between employees and administration is an integral part of any company. This is particularly important for multinational corporations. This is the only way to find out what your employees think about the company, its current progress and particularly its failures. This is what TeamWox Forum is designed for - allowing you to stay in touch and efficiently respond to various positive and negative company events.

Tokyo team has made a record profit this month and achieved impressive results - good news such as this needs to be conveyed to all staff members to stimulate employees from other departments. The company is facing hard times and you need justify the implementation of some unpopular austerity measures - TeamWox Forum will help you get the right message across and gauge the feedback in either case.

TeamWox Forum

TeamWox Forum is not only used for delivering the company management's views. Employees can also freely express their opinions and discuss various issues. This is particularly important in a multinational corporation where there are a lot of team members from various cultural backgrounds with different outlooks and education levels.

TeamWox Forum can be extremely helpful in avoiding uncertainty and frustration, as well as in stimulating all team members. Using this convenient tool, you can easily establish an efficient communication channel with all your employees and keep everybody focused on the company's goals.

TeamWox Synergy

TeamWox has many obvious advantages for a multinational company, including:

  • Coordination of employees from different departments in solving complex tasks
  • IP telephony system which provides the perfect platform for both internal and external phone communication
  • Improving efficiency when working with clients at any level
  • Totally transparent financial system
  • Internal Corporate PR Policy Management

Integrating all of these elements provides an additional synergetic effect - as well as the positive results seen in some definite areas, the company will also experience an overall "well-being" effect. With TeamWox, all data and fund movements are transparent and fully controllable plus you can quickly coordinate the efforts of many people to achieve the company goals.

Still need convincing? It only takes a minute to set up your own TeamWox!

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