Benefits of TeamWox Collaboration Software for Managers

The TeamWox Business Management System provides a wide range of opportunities for a manager to work effectively. All of the routine activities, which used to take up a large portion of a manager's work time, are fully automated in TeamWox collaboration system. In addition, interacting and working with clients, as well as with other members of work team, became noticeably easier. 

TeamWox Benefits for managers

Let us examine those benefits of the TeamWox collaboration system, which make a manager's job easier and more efficient:

  • The issue of fragmentation is resolved. Unlike the times when a manager had to use various programs and search for fragments of information throughout them, the TeamWox groupware system allows all of the information to be kept in one place. This is achieved through the use of an unified information field. This unified information field provides employees with a full understanding and clearness of the sales process. Serving a customer thus becomes a maximum comfortable and non-burdensome task for the personal. 
  • Effective work with customers using feedbacks.  TeamWox business management software contains many instruments, which supply a feedback connection. This helps the manager stay on top of what the client actually wants and needs. One of such instruments is the Online Consultant (Online Customer Support Chat), which is easily integrated into the corporate website. This gives the client an opportunity to offer their comments and ideas right on the corporate website, and the managers are able to answer their questions online. Another effective instrument of communication is the ServiceDesk (Helpdesk tool). This is a system of technical support for internal and external customers. Its' main function is a more firm and formalized control over the implementation of customers' requests. Each order has a number in the collaboration system, and clients have the ability to personally track the process through which their problem is being solved.
  • Conveniently working with documents. All of the documents in TeamWox collaboration software are kept in electronic format and are associated with the appropriate client. This type of systematization of information according to clients is very convenient for managers, because they do not need to waste their time searching for information in various sources. But why bother with all of these troubles when TeamWox groupware has an electronic document flow?  Thus a systemized archive of information, which is easy and convenient to work with, fully replaces a chaotic paper-mess in your office.
  • Automated reports. When working in TeamWox groupware, a manager has no need to regularly prepare reports for their superiors because they are automatically created in the collaboration system. The employee doesn't need to be distracted from their main work in order to prepare the write-up, and his superiors can evaluate the work progress of the personnel at any given time. All of this is achieved by using the system of business reports in TeamWox collaboration software. Working time needs to be spent on actual work, rather than bureaucratic operations, which simply creates a distraction.
  • Automation of working with the clients' database. The TeamWox business management system concentrates all of the client's information (files, documents, correspondences, payments) in one place. All of the data, which is related to a specific customer, is tied to that client. As a result we obtain a full history of mutual exchange with each client. This simplifies the process of communication between the manager and the customer and increases the speed and quality of service of the client. This is due to the fact that TeamWox collaboration software holds a full collection of information on each customer.
  • Recording payments and debts by clients. TeamWox business management software gives the opportunity to track all financial operations in a company. The system fixates all of the client's payments and debts, while automatically presenting bills and registering their repayment. In other words, the information about each client's financial transactions is always available. This greatly eases the work of a manager.

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