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Links Widget


This widget is a part of the "Home" module. It is intended for creating a custom set of links to frequently visited websites. The instructions of how to install widgets on the "Home" page are given in the Widgets section.

Here you can create link groups for more convenient management. To create a group, you should press the Editing mode button located at the top of the widget installed on the "Home" page:

Widget window

Once the Editing mode button has been pressed, you will be switched to the edit mode:

Adding group

To add a group, you should press the Add Add group button. You should enter the name of the group in the "Name" field of the appearing window:

Entering group name

After having specified the group name, you should press the Add button. In such a manner you can create the necessary number of link groups. To cancel the creation of the group you should press the Close button.

Once the group has been created, you can start adding links:

Created group

In order to add a link to a group, you should press the Add Add button. You can edit a group name by pressing the Edit button that appear when the mouse cursor is put over the group row. You can delete a group by pressing the Delete button.

The following window will appear, as soon as you press the button of adding a link:

Adding link

You should enter the link name in the "Name" field, that name will be displayed in the list of the links. Then you should enter the address of the link in the "Link" field. To save the link, press the Add button. To cancel the operation, press Close.

The link will appear in the list, as soon as it is saved:

Created link

In such a manner you can add the necessary number of links. In order to save the changes made in a group of links, you should press the "Save" button located at the top of widget window. To cancel the changes, you should press "Cancel".

To go to the link address you should press on its name with the left button of your mouse.

Ready link