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Filters are aimed at facilitating the navigation through products in the system. The manipulations with them are performed in the left part of the "Products" tab:


Unlike other modules, the filters of the "Products" module are public and are available to any user of the system.

In order to create a new filter, you should press the New filter New filter button located under all available filters. The instructions of how to create a filter are given in the "Working with Filters" section.

The following buttons should appear if you put the cursor of the mouse over the filter entry:

  • Move — it moves the filter up/down as related to other filters.
  • Edit — it allows you to edit the filter.
  • Delete — it deletes the filter.

Among all filters, there are always the system ones: "All" and "Deleted". The "All" filter contains all products created in the system. All products deleted from the list are stored in the "Deleted" filter.

If you delete a product from the "Deleted" filter, its recovery becomes impossible. If you press the "Delete all" button located at the top of the tab then all the entries in the "Deleted" filter will be irretrievably erased.

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