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Create/Edit Books

In the "Accounting" module books are used for separating information about financial operations into different projects or spheres. Windows of book creation and editing are similar to each other.

Book Creation

In order to start creating a book, one should press the "New book" button located in the upper part of the "Accounting" tab. A window of book creation with two tabs will be opened:



This window contains the following fields:

  • Name — name of the new book.
  • Currency — the currency of all payments in the new book.
  • Comment — a text comment to the book.

The "Currency" field is of a text format, currency should be typed from the keyboard. However, all typed values are remembered in the system and can be later selected from the list opened when clicking on this field:

Currency list

If necessary, one can delete any currency from the list using the Delete button located to the left of each currency.

Deletion of a currency from the list does not influence other books with the same currency. The currency is deleted only from the list to select.



In this tab one can specify book access permissions for different users and groups:

  • View — view information in this book.
  • Edit — view and edit information in this book.
  • Administration — view and edit information in this book, as well as the possibility to delete the book.

To assign permissions to users, one should press the Add Add button. After that a list of users and groups will be opened. Work with this list is described in the corresponding section. In order to remove a user or group from a group of permissions, one should press the Delete button located to the left of a user or group. Besides, all users can be removed at once using the Delete all button.

As soon as all the necessary information is filled in, the "Create" button should be pressed. If the "Cancel" button is pressed, the book will not be created, you will return to the previous window.

Book Editing

In order to start editing of a book, one should press the Edit button that appears at the end of a book line when pointing a mouse cursor over it in the list of books. The book editing window is similar to its creation window.

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