TeamWox Help Templates


The "Accounting" module has a feature of creating custom templates. There are two types of templates:

Order templates — these templates are intended for printing separate orders.

Statement templates — these templates are intended for printing account reconcilements through the "Organizations" module.

In order to start working with templates of one or another type, one should go to the corresponding tab.


List of Templates

The list of available templates is represented in the left part of the window. The "Default" template is always present, it cannot be deleted.

In order to start viewing or editing a template, one should click on its name with the left mouse button.

In order to create a new template one should press the New template New template button located below the list of templates.

In order to delete a template, one should press the Delete button that appears when the mouse cursor is put over the name of template.

The main part of the window contains two tabs, "Preview" and "Edit". Using the "To books" button, one can return to viewing of the list of books.

Creating and Editing Templates

The creation and edition of templates is performed at the "Edit" tab:

Editing template

The following fields and commands are present at this tab:

Name — the name of template. If the "Default" template is opened then this field will be unavailable for editing.

Text — the field for the code of template. A template is created using the hypertext markup language (HTML) and different macros, that allow to obtain the names and values of fields of organizations, orders and books.

Restore default — using this button one can restore the initial state of the template, as it is implemented in the system on default.

In order to save the template, one should press the "OK" button. To discard all the changes it is necessary to press the "Cancel" button.