TeamWox HelpPermissions


Each module contains an adjustable list of access permissions. Permissions can be assigned both to groups and users.

Functions of the "Accounting" module are delimited the following way:


1.The "Accounting" permission enables/disables access to this module. When this permission is granted, a user/group can see the "Accounting" module where they can view information in books, to which they have access.

2.The "Export" permission allows/denies to export the list of orders and payments as a HTML file.

3.The "Import" permission allows/denies to import payments.

4.The "Send order" permission allows/prohibits to send orders.

5.The "Confirmation" right allows/prohibits a user/group to issue orders or make payments. Unprocessed documents are not included into generated reports.

6.The "View reports" right allows/prohibits a user/group to view reports.

7.The "Administration" right allows a user/group to view information in any books independent of granted access rights. This right also enables one to create books.

If the "Accounting" permission is not enabled, all rights will be ineffective, because the module will not be visible to a user or group.

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