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Project categories serve to group projects based on some common features. Each user can see all the categories, in the projects of which he or she is a manager or supervisor. The exceptions are the default categories "All" and "Archive". These two sections are available to all the users of the module.

How to Create a Category

Only users with appropriate administration rights can add categories. Category creation/editing window is opened at a click on the Add New category button located in the left part of the tab below the Archive category, or clicking a similar button in the projects administration window.

How to Edit a Category

To edit category settings, click on theEdit button to the right of the category in the menu of categories or in the administration window.

How to Move a Category to Archive

To move a category to archive, click toarchive. When you move a category to archive, all its projects are closed and moved to the "Archive" category. The category disappears from the menu on the left and is available only in the administration tab. The category name will appear with a strikethrough line.

How to Restore a Category

A category can be restored only from the administration window. To do this, place the cursor over the category name and press the appeared button

All projects that were previously archived in the category, will not be restored and will still be available in the "Archive" category.

Category 'All'

The "All" category displays projects from all categories, except for closed, in which the user is a manager, supervisor or performer.

Category "Archive"

The "Archive" category contains all closed projects, the names of which appear crossed over, for the convenience of users.