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Project Templates

The "Templates" section of the "Projects" module allows to create and select project templates. Project templates contain the typical or standard set of stages with their duration and other parameters. Their headers are marked with the icon project_template_icon. The templates are used as an assistance in the creation of new projects.


Template List

The Template List is a table with the following fields:

  • Title — the name of the project template.
  • Assigned — the list of assigned users. A click on the names of the assigned users will open their profiles.
  • Author — the author of the template. A click on the name of the author will open the user profile.
  • Creation date — the date when the template was created.
  • Modification date — the date of the last modification of the template. The list can be sorted by the modification date.

A click on "New template" at the top of the tab opens the template creation form. To go to the project management click on the button "Administration".

Actions in the List

Additional commands appear when you hover the mouse cursor over the project template line:

  • Button Close/complete is used for creating a project based on the template.
  • Button Edit is used for editing the template. A click on it opens a window similar to the new template creation window.
  • Button Delete deletes the project template.

Creating/Editing a Template

When you create a project based on a template, you only need to select the participants and set the standard parameters. All of the information, the structure of the stages and their duration will be inserted automatically.

The creation window is similar to new project creation/editing window.


To add a template, fill in the following fields:

  • Title — the name of the template. The name then will be inserted into the project.
  • Assigned — the list of users who can view, edit, delete and create projects based on the template.
  • Message editor — a standard message editor where you can add a description or a template for describing future projects.

To complete the template project creation, click "Update".

Viewing a Project Template

The view page opens upon template creation or when you click on it in the list of templates.


Visually the page can be divided into several parts.

Project Template Header

The project template header contains the following information:

  • Title — the name of the template. The project header always stays fixed at the top of the page.
  • Duration — the duration of stages in the template.
  • Author — the user who created the template.
  • Modification date and time — the date and time of the last modification of the template data.
  • Template ID — the figures specified next to the # character mean the unique ID of the project template, which is also a permanent link to the template. Using the context menu command, you can copy this link and then paste to other messages.
  • Assigned — the list of assigned users.

Actions with a Project Template

The following actions are available for working with a project template:

  • Add Add — quick selection of assigned users.
  • edit_icon Editediting the project template. This button is always available to the project supervisors at the top of the page.
  • print_button Print — printing the template information using standard browser options.
  • clipboard_icon Copy to clipboard — copying the selected project template to clipboard.
  • google_translate_comment_icon Translate translating the subject and project details using the Google Translate service.
  • Additional Commands— a list of additional commands:


  • Delete — deleting the project template from TeamWox. The action is available to the template author and assigned users.
  • Print — printing the template information using standard browser options.
  • To clipboard — copying the selected template to clipboard from which its contents can be pasted to an email, request, task, comment, etc.
  • Translate — translating the subject and template details using the Google Translate service integrated in TeamWox.

Project Template Body

Operations in the template body are similar to tabs "Stages", "Chart", "Information" and "Journal" in projects with a few limitations:

  • On the "Stages" tab, you cannot set dates for stages, select managers, link to entries and close stages. You can only create a structure of the stages and set duration.
  • No dates are shown in the "Charts" tab, stripes are always gray. Stage modification actions are available.
  • No comments can be added on the "Information" tab.

Creating a Project from a Template

To create a project from a template, click on the icon Close/complete in the list or on the "To project" button on the template view page.

The window of project creation from a template is similar to the project creation/editing window, but it opens with filled out fields of "Title", "Supervisors" and a description in the editor. At the bottom of the form, the number of pre-defined stages is indicated.


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