TeamWox HelpProjectsPermissions


An adjustable list of access rights is available for each module. Rights can be set for groups and separate users.

Type of permissions for the "Projects" module:


  1. The "Projects" right enables/disables access of users/groups to this module. If this permission is enabled, the "Projects" module is available to the users, where they can view all available projects.
  2. The right to "Edit/create/delete projects" enables users/groups to create, edit and delete projects.
  3. Users and groups with the enabled "Reports" permission can view project reports.
  4. The "Administration" permission allows performing any actions in the module. With his permission, users and groups can access all categories and projects from them. An administrator can edit and delete categories, projects and comments.

If the "Projects" permission is not enabled, all these rights will not be effective, because the module will not be available to the user/group.