TeamWox HelpCalendarReports


Reports allow monitoring how employees use the "Calendar" module. In order to view reports you should press the "Reports" button located in the top-right part of the "Calendar" tab.

One report is currently implemented — "Activity of events participation". It shows the number of events created by employees and the number of events the employees has participated in.

Activity of events participation

The blue bars display the number of events created by each employee. The red bars display the number of events each employee has participated in. In the "Calendar name" field, you can choose the report type: created for all calendars of for a specific calendar.

For this report you can also choose a period, for which it will be shown. To do this, choose period in the upper part of the tab:

Choosing period

If the "period..." variant is chosen, the additional fields appear in the report title, where one can choose a custom period for report generation:


A period can be specified either manually or using the interactive calendar, that is opened by pressing the calendar_icon button. Once the beginning and ending dates are specified, one should press the Apply button.