TeamWox HelpCalendarImport


The feature of importing of events from *.ics files is implemented in the Calendar module. iCalendar is a file format for storing calendars of events. This format is used supported by a large number of popular applications, including Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and others. There are several ways to import events:

From an Attached File

If you put the mouse cursor over a *.ics file attached to a message or a comment in one of the modules of the system, the Import button appears to the right. Click it to import events.

Events from an attached file are imported to the personal calendar.

From a Viewed File

The embedded viewer of *.ics calendar files allows importing events using the Import button on its lower panel. The list of calendars available for the user is opened, as soon as this button is pressed.

Import from the viewer

Events can be imported to a new or to an existing calendar.

Using the Import Function

To start importing events, click the Import button at the top part or the Calendar tab. The following window is opened:

Select a file to import events

At this step, specify a *.ics file from which you need to import events. To do it, click anywhere in the window.


Once a file is selected, you can set the import options:

  • Calendar — in this field, choose a calendar, to which events are to be imported. You can select one of the existing calendars or create a new one.
  • Color — click on the colored square to select a color for the imported events.

To complete the import, click the Import button. To the right of its name you can see the number of events that will be imported.