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View Dialog

In order to view a dialog, you should click on a closed or unprocessed dialog in the list. This opens a view window:

Viewing dialog

Inviting Employees

You can assign a necessary employee of your company to the dialog by pressing the Assign button. In this case, regardless of permissions assigned to a service group he/she will be able to view that dialog in the "Personal" section. The list of employees opens as soon as you press this button. The instructions of how to work with that list are given in the "List of Assigned" section. The assigned user is notified about the dialog with a special icon, Notification, blinking in the top right corner of the window.

Binding to Organization

By pressing the Organization button, you can attach a client to the organization that has previously been added to the corresponding module. The list of organizations will be opened as soon as you press the button. The instructions of how to use it are given in the "List of Assigned" section.

Creating New Dialog

Using the Create dialog button, one can create a dialog with an employee, the list of them will be opened as soon as it is pressed. Once you have chosen employees, press the "Select" button; after that the personal dialog with them will be created in the next tab.

Dialog Details

The topic of the dialog, the client's name, the date of their call and IP address are displayed to the right. If you press on the client's name, a window for creating a message is opened in the corresponding module. The e-mail address specified by the client in the form before starting the dialog is automatically substituted in the "To" field.

Permanent Link

The "#" sign is displayed to the right of the IP address of the dialog initiator. It is a permanent link to this dialog. This link can be copied via the context menu and inserted to your messages.

Modifying Dialog Title

There is a possibility to modify the title of a dialog. To do it, you should point the cursor of the mouse over the topic area and press with the left button of your mouse on the bright rectangle that appears:

Editing topic

Then you should specify the new topic and press with the left button anywhere outside the editing field.

Dialog Window

The main part of the window contains the dialog history. The client's name is displayed in red, whereas your name is colored in blue, in case you have participated in this dialog.