TeamWox HelpChatPermissions


Each module has its own adjustable list of access rights. The permissions can be assigned both to groups, and users.

The functions of the "Chat" module are separated in the following manner:


  1. The "Chat" permission enables/disables the access of users/groups to this module. If this permission is given to users/groups, they can see the "Chat" module where they can view dialogs, join them, and also modify and delete the service groups if they have the sufficient permissions for that.
  2. The "View reports" permission allows/prohibits users/groups to view "Chat" reports.
  3. The "Administration" permission allows/prohibits users/groups to create, edit, delete any service group, view dialogs and join them, regardless of the assigned permissions for one or another service group.

If the "Chat" permission is not given, all permissions will have no effect, because the module will not be visible for the user/group.

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