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The "Contacts" tab contains filters located on the left side of the window.


As it was mentioned in the "Interface description -> Working with filters" section, a user can create his or her own filters in the "Contacts" module.

Among the filters, there are always "All" and "Deleted". The filter "All" shows all the contacts (except to the deleted ones) registered in TeamWox. The "Deleted" filter is only visible to users that are permitted to administer the module.

In each filter except the "All" one, there is the "Delete all" button located to the right of the "New contact" button. You can delete all contacts from the selected filter by pressing this button.

Editing Filters

To create your own filter, you should press the New filter New filter button. To modify an existing filter, press the Edit button that appears when moving the mouse cursor over it. The window of filter editing is opened:

Filter Editor

The left part of the window displays the existing filters. To change a filter, select it and modify its parameters in the right part of the window. To move filters relatively to each other in the list, use the Move Down and Move Up buttons that appear when moving the mouse cursor over the filters.

The following parameters are specified here:

  • AND/OR — you should choose the filters condition in the first field of the block: AND — the condition must be true for the filter to trigger, "OR" — the condition can be true for the filter to trigger (either this condition or another condition or all of them).
  • Field — you should choose the field, by which organizations/contacts will be selected for your filter. You can select this field in the list that opens if you press the arrow-like button at the end of the "Field". This list contains all the fields that can be filled out during creating a new contact in TeamWox.
  • Condition — you should choose a filtering condition in the "Condition" field. The possible choices according to the field chosen are: empty, filled, equal to, not equal to, starting from, containing.
    For the field of the "Date" type, you can use conditions: Greater/Less than N days, Will come withing N days and Will come not earlier than N days. Selection by this condition is updated every day always staying up-to-date.
  • Value — if one of the last four noted conditions is chosen, you should type the desired word or phrase in the "Value" field. In other words, if you specify the "Country" field and the condition "Equal to", then you should enter the country name in the "Value" field (for example, "Australia").

To create a filter of personal contacts you should specify: Field = Organization, Condition = Empty.

Rules of a filter are executed sequentially. Rules can be grouped between the "OR" conditions. For example, to create a filter of VIP contacts from Russia or USA create the following set of rules:

  • AND Country Russia
  • OR Country USA
  • AND VIP Filled

To delete a rule, put the mouse cursor over it and press Delete.

Library of Filters

For convenient organization of the work process, the library of ready-made contact filters is implemented. For example, an administrator can set up necessary filters to help all the users of the system.

To open the library of filters, click Library Library. The list of available filters is opened:

Library of filters

To add a filter from the library to the list of your own filters, click Add Filter from the Library. To add your filter to the library, put the mouse cursor over it and clickAdd Filter to the Library.

Only the users that have the "Administrator" right can delete filters from the library. To delete a filter, put the mouse cursor over it and click Delete.

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