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Delete Mailbox

In order to delete the mailbox, you should press Edit that appears to the right of your mailbox name, if you point the mouse cursor over it:

Editing mailbox

As soon as you press the "Edit" button, the window of editing your mailbox appears. The instructions of how to work with that window are given in the Create/Edit Mailbox section.

To delete the mailbox, you should press the Delete mailbox button located in the lower-left corner of the window. As soon as you press it, the window of mailbox editing appears as follows:


You should confirm your agreement to delete the mailbox in this window. In order to delete the mailbox, you should check the "I agree to remove the mailbox" field. The "Delete" button will become active as soon as you put the mark in that field. Press it to delete the mailbox.

  • Once the "Delete" button has been pressed, your mailbox will be removed with all its mails. The data recovery will be impossible.
  • The physical deletion of a mailbox, and all the messages in it, is performed at the service time at night on the next day after deleting the mailbox from the system.