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List of Mails

The list of mails contained in any folder of the mailbox is displayed in the main part of the "E-Mail" tab. The subject, address (sender address for the incoming mails and recipient address for the outgoing mails) and the receiving/sending date are given in the corresponding columns.

List of mails

The following matters will be considered in this section: common actions with mails, manipulations with mail branches and working with mail groups.

When a new mail comes the corresponding notification triggers, and the number of new unread messages appears to the right of the "Inbox" folder. The subject of an unread mail is bold in the list. The mail of this kind has the Unread mail icon.

Common Actions

Viewing message

To view a mail, you should click on its subject. The window of viewing the mail, described in the "View Mail" section, appears.

Quick view

You can view the mail beginning without opening it by holding your mouse cursor over its subject:

Mail beginning

You can also view the mail beginning in the widgets.

Searching Messages

The search line is used for finding messages.

  • If you specify an e-mail identifier with the "#" symbol before it in the search line (for example, #1234), then after you press the Search  button, you will go to viewing of the found message. One can search messages in this way only while being in the "E-Mail" module.
  • If you don't specify the "#" symbol in the beginning of the search request, the search will be performed using the global search system of TeamWox.

Adjusting List

To adjust columns displayed in the list of e-mails, click the Choose Columns button. The list of available fields will be opened as soon as you do it. Choose necessary fields in it and click "Apply".

  • IDunique number that is assigned to each e-mail.
  • Address — address an e-mail came from.
  • Author — name of the author of an e-mail.
  • Assigned — list of users, to whom an e-mail is assigned.
  • Date — date of when an e-mail came.

close_button Close

Using this button which appears as you put the mouse cursor over a message, one can move it to the "Closed" filter. Ideologically, a completed mail exchange should be closed just like a finished task, when there is no need to get back to it anymore. The correspondence will not be lost, while being separated from the actual mails.

When a new message comes in a mail branch, that branch is automatically moved back to the "Inbox" filter.

Move to trash Move to Trash

If this button is pressed the message will be moved to the "Trash" filter.

All mails that are in the "Trash" filter are automatically deleted after a lapse of seven days they were moved there. The deletion is performed at night at the service time.

In the "Trash" filter, the Move to trash button is replaced with Delete. If you press it, the box asking: "Do you want to delete the e-mail?" appears. If you want to delete the e-mail, press "OK".

In order to restore the e-mail from the "Trash" filter, you should just pull it over to the "Inbox" folder (Drag'n'Drop) as it is described below.

spam_button Spam

This button moves a message to the "Spam" folder. The instructions how to work with spam are given at the separate section.

Move to Clipboard Move to Clipboard

This button moves an e-mail to the clipboard, so one can join it with a mail chain.

Organization binding

If a message is manually or automatically bound to an organization its name will be displayed in the "Address" field. If you press on it, you will go to viewing of organization in the corresponding module.

The automatic binding of messages to organizations by e-mail address functions in the TeamWox system.

Checking new messages

In order to receive your e-mails, press the "Receive e-mails" button located to the left of the "New e-mail" button.

The adaptive mechanism of automatic checks of new messages is implemented in the "E-Mail" module. The minimum interval between checks (2 minutes) is kept while a least one new message is received within it. Otherwise the interval is increased to 4 minutes, then to 6 minutes, etc. The maximum interval between the checks is 20 minutes.

Mail Chains

In the TeamWox groupware, mails can be joined into chains, for example, if they are obtained from the same person. Thus the whole mailing is conveniently gathered in a single place.

If both emails are on the same page (visible on the screen), one can join them into a chain simple dragging one of them onto another:

Joinin mails into a chain

If the emails are located on different pages of a mailbox, use a special clipboard to join them. Drag an email to the upper part of the page and put in the box appeared:

Using cliboard for joining emails

Then switch to a necessary page of the mailbox and drag the email from the clipboard to another email for joining:

Joining emails using the clipboard

The number of mails in a chain is specified to the right of the subject.

You can move an email to the clipboard while viewing it. To do it, drag the email icon to the upper part of the page:

Adding an email to the clipboard while viewing

To move an e-mail to the clipboard you can also use the Move to Clipboard button, which appears when putting the mouse cursor over an e-mail row.

To detach an email from a chain, open the latter one. Select the necessary email, open the menu located on the right and execute the "Separate" command:


To make work easier, mail chains can be renamed. To do it, open it and click with the left mouse button on the title:

Renaming the email chain

Mail chains can be created only from the e-mails located in the mailboxes the user has access to. Assigned e-mail from other inaccessible mailboxes cannot be joined in mail chains.

Group Work with E-mails

The group work with e-mails is implemented in the "E-Mail" module, too. To select an e-mail, you should click with your mouse on its row outside of the title (author name, assigned, etc). Once you do it, the mail becomes highlighted with the blue color. To select several e-mails, use the "Ctrl" and "Ctrl+Shift" keys:

  • Hold the "Ctrl" key and select e-mails by clicking with the left mouse button on them.
  • Select an e-mail, hold the "Ctrl+Shift" keys and select another e-mail. As soon as you do it, all e-mails between them will be selected.

Once all the necessary e-mails have been selected, you can move them together to any section of the mailbox. To move an email or a group of emails click the left mouse-button in the "Subject" field (but outside the subject text) of any email from the list, drag it to any section and release the mouse button (Drag'n'Drop):

Moving messages

Section, to which you can move the e-mails, are highlighted with the green color.

All e-mails on the current page can be selected by pressing the "Ctrl+A" key combination.

If one or several e-mails are selected, the action buttons appear in the upper part of the module:

Action Buttons

The number of selected e-mails is displayed to the right of each button.

  • Closeclose selected e-mails.
  • Trash — move selected e-mails to the "Trash" section.
  • Spam — move selected e-mail to the "Spam" section.
  • Return — return selected mails from the "Trash". This button appears when the user is in the "Trash" section.