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Autobinding to Organizations

A special function of automatic binding of incoming messages, requests and chat  dialogs by e-mail addresses is implemented in the TeamWox system.

The e-mail address a message has come from or the one determined for a user that has sent a public request, or the one specified in the form for entering the chat passes a number of checks on belonging to one of the organizations added to the corresponding module:

  • The address is compared to the e-mail address of the organizations themselves;
  • The address is compared to the e-mail addresses of contacts that are bound to organizations;
  • The domain in the address is compared to the website addresses specified for organizations. At that several comma-separated addresses/domains can be specified for an organization.

If a match by one of the checks mentioned above is found, then the automatic binding of the message, dialog or request to the organization is performed.

To avoid incorrect binding by a domain name, in case a client uses one the public mail services (,, etc.), add such domains to the ignore list.

Binding of Previously Added Messages, Requests and Dialogs

If an organization and its contacts are added/modified after coming of messages, requests or dialogs, then their binding will also be performed automatically but at night at the special server time.