TeamWox Help Reports


To control the operation of the "Telephony" module, various reports are implemented:





Digital receptionists

To view a report, click the "Reports" button in the upper part of any section of the "Telephony" module. Before viewing a report, in the upper part of the page select a period for displaying information in it:

Select period


This report provides information about the total duration of calls (in minutes) for a selected period of time. Internal and external calls are displayed separately.

Duration of calls


This report provides information about the total duration of calls on certain week days and hours. It also displays internal and external calls separately.

Duration of calls by days of week


In this report one can view the duration of calls for each user for a selected period of time.

Duration of calls by users

The duration of calls is displayed in minutes separately for internal and external calls of a user.


In this report you can view the distribution calls among providers, set in your telephony system. The total duration of all internal calls is also displayed here.

Duration of calls by providers

Digital Receptionists

This report displays the number of calls responded by each of the digital receptionists set up in your telephony system. It separately displays the number of calls accepted by someone from the staff and the number calls without response.

Number of calls accepted by digital receptionist

Additional Functions

To get precise information, put the mouse cursor over a bar on a diagram. The pop-up window will display the precise values for the selected bar.

To export a diagram, open its context menu by clicking with the right mouse button on it, then execute a command for the necessary format: XSLX (MS Office Excel 2007), XML (MS Office Excel), PNG (image), CSV (text file).

To search information in a report, use the filer. Open the context menu, select "Filter" then specify a word/phrase in the appeared field.