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List of Orders and Payments

Lists of orders and payments can be viewed separately or together in corresponding tabs in book viewing mode.

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Payments are marked by the Payment icon, orders are marked by the Order icon. Orders and payments can be unpassed and be marked by Unpassed order and Unpassed payment. Such documents are not included into generated reports.

Click on a date or icon in the list to edit a payment or an invoice. When pointing a mouse cursor over the line, the Delete button appears; it is used to delete a payment or order.

Several buttons are located in the upper part. Using the "To books" button one can return to the viewing of the list of books. By clicking "New order" or "New payment" one can move to creation of a corresponding document. Using the "Export" button one can export the orders and payments as a HTML file. Click on the Reports button to view the Income/Expenditure report.

The list of documents can be adjusted. Using the Choose columns button located above the column with document icons, one can select columns to be displayed in the list. Click on it to see the menu of available fields:

Choose columns

Number — number of a payment or order.

Order — order number, on which the payment is made.

Supplier/Payer — the "Supplier" field belongs to orders and shows the name of the organization that supplies a product or service. The "Payer" field belongs to payments and shows the name of the organization that has made the payment.

Recipient/Beneficiary — recipient of money (Beneficiary, for payments) or of a product or service (for orders).

Product — product name, that is the subject of an order or payment.

Comment — a text comment to the document.

Payment method — method of payment the transaction was made by.

Passed — if the Passed icon is displayed in this field, the order or payment is considered passed. Unpassed documents are not added into reports.

Creation time — date of document creation.

Modification time — date of the latest modification of the document.

Manager — employee responsible for this document.

Author — name of the employee who has added the document.

Modified by — name of the employee that has made the most recent modifications to the document.

Amount — sum in a payment or order.

The list of documents can be sorted by the following fields: "Date", "Number", "Passed", "Creation time" and "Modification time". To apply the sorting, click on the heading of the corresponding column.

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