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This type of reports represents location of organizations in the world map. The map appears in the main part of the window:


Every country on the map is colored depending on the number of organizations that are present in it. The more organizations the more intense the color is. If you put the mouse cursor over a country, it will be highlighted with another color, as well as a pop-up help containing the country name and the number of organizations will appear.

In order to zoom in a country image, one should click with the left mouse button on it. The cities the organizations are present in will be marked on the map:

Scaled-up county map

The intensity of the color of circles the cities are marked with depends on the number of organizations in them. The name of the city and the number of organizations is shown as soon as you put the mouse cursor over it. To return to the general view, click at any point of the map again.

The forming of report depends on the filter you were in when you pressed the "Reports" button.

The upper part contains the filter name and the report description as well as the number of organizations whose location was found on the world map and the total number of organizations in this filter.

Unrecognized Organizations

The List of unrecognized organizations button located in the upper part of the report is intended for forming the list of organizations whose location has not been found on the world map. The reasons for that may be different: the postal address was specified incorrectly or incompletely, the postal address was not specified at all, etc.

For recognizing an organization on the map, one should correctly specify the country and city it is located in.

As soon as you press this button, the list will appear instead of the map. It contains two columns: the "Name" and the "Postal address" of the organization.

List of unrecognized organizations

You will be passed to the window of editing the organization details as soon as you press on its name in the list.

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