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In the "Monitoring" section you can see all available requests, for which one or more employees are selected as responsible (assigned, or an author). This helps you to assess the load of employees and their performance without having to switch between sections.

This block is available to all users, who can access the "Service Desk" module. It is located under the "Assigned" block.


Employees are selected in the field above the list using the standard system functions.


Once you have selected users, all requests of the selected employees that are available to the authorized user will appear in the table.


The resulting list can be sorted by applying the following filters:

  • All — all requests of selected employees.
  • Personal — this filter features requests that have been assigned by the selected employees.
  • Assigned — this filter shows the requests that have been assigned specifically to the users.
  • Responsible for — the requests, in which the users are selected as responsible.

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