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Status of Requests

A request can be marked by one of five statuses:

  • Open Open
    This status refers to in-process requests.
  • Completed Completed
    This status is intended for controlling the tasks set in requests. Only the request author or the administrator of service group can close the request. Other users that see that request have the "Complete" command available. This allows request authors to control results and either return the request for further processing by changing the status into "Open" or move them to closed ones, if the result is satisfactory. Completed requests are displayed in the "Open" filter, but their title is in strikeout font.
  • Closed Closed
    The "Closed" status denotes that work over the request is completed. Only the author of the request or the administrator of service group can close the request.
  • Suspended Suspended
    If the request cannot be processed in the nearest future, it can be suspended. Thus the corresponding status is assigned.
  • Rejected Rejected
    If the request fulfillment is either impossible or unreasonable, it can be rejected.

A special section is present in service group for each request status, except for completed ones. They are shown in the "Open" tab, but their title in the list is in strikeout font.

Sections by statuses

If the group is publicly available then the additional section, "Incoming", appears. Open and completed requests that came from external resources are displayed there.

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