TeamWox HelpService DeskPermissions


The adjustable list of access rights is available for each module. Permissions can be both set for groups, and users.

Functions of the "Service Desk" module are delimited the following way:


  1. The "Service Desk" tab enables/disables access of groups/users to this module. If this permission is assigned, users get access to the "Service Desk" module, where they can create requests in service groups, to which they have corresponding permissions. They can also participate in the processing of assigned requests.
  2. The "View reports" permission allows viewing reports on requests.
  3. The "Administration" permission allows performing any actions in the module. A user/group with this permission has access to all service groups and requests in them. An administrator can modify and remove groups, requests and comments.
  4. The "Assign" permissions enables/disables the possibility of assigning requests both when creating a new one or viewing an existing request.

If the "Service Desk" permission is disabled, all below permissions will have no effect, because the module will not be visible for the user/group.